Dell's first 8K monitor

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By Steven the 29. May 2017

Ultrasharp. Ultraexpensive. 31.5 inches for $5.000.

It's got all the resolution and all the color you could reasonably wish for.

But at 5.000$ you should probably only buy it if

  • You earn a lot of money editing hi-res videos
  • You earn a lot of money editing hi-res photos
  • You earn a lot of money
  • You're ready to buy a serious desktop pc - laptops do not do 8K at the moment

There are hardly any games running well at 8K and Netflix and Amazon Prime Video 4K is - well - only 4K.

The best yet«

In a fine video Linus Tech Tips gives you a tour of the monitor.

You can do boring documents and spreadsheets on it using an inexpensive 8K graphics card.

But with all the resolution and colors, you'd better use it for hi-res video and images.

8K for 5K?«

Dell will telle you all about it on their U3218K-page.

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