Watch Norway in glorious 8K

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By Steven the 29. Jan 2017

What would it take for you to be able to watch it in 8K?

Norway is an extraordinarily beautiful country.

Norwegian photographer Morten Rustad has just finished a beautiful 8K time lapse movie featuring the landscapes of Norway.

What would you need to be able to watch it?

1. A fairly fast Internet connection«

Those awesome 411 seconds will stutter in 8K unless you're on a 20 Mbit/s connection or better.

You can, of course, always just download the 8K video and watch the local copy. But that'd make for a bit more work, and we're averse to that.

2. A capable desktop computer«

Plenty of desktop graphics cards do 8K and VR these days.

As of writing this you'll find more than 180 4K capable laptops. But not a single 8K laptop.

To get an 8K capable computer, you'd have to buy a desktop and an 8K capable graphics card. These are plenty.

There's nearly a thousand 8K graphics cards and the prices start at a reasonable 100$.

3. An 8K tv or 8K monitor«

First 8K screen. But it'll cost you.

You can't really buy an 8K tv yet.

But come March you'll be able to buy a 32" Dell 8K monitor for a whooping 5.000$.

In other words: it'll still be a while before your display is sporting 8K.


It's beautiful.

See Norway in 8K


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While not exactly 8K this drone footage is aweinspiring as well

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