8K, 4K and your digital camera

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By Steven the 19. Mar 2016

With 8K you'll be able to see all of your photo on the screen.

I've got an old Nikon D3200 camera. It's their 2012 entry level DSLR. Nevertheless it sports a 24 megapixel resolution.

"What's that in 4K and 8K?" you may ask.

Well. Have a look.

Illustration: a 24mp photo on a 4K screen

It doesn't fit!«

The 6016*4000pixel picture provided by the camera can't quite fit the smaller resolution of the 4K tv or monitor.

4K screens only go to 3840 x 2160, not anywhere near enough to fit the picture without resizing it.

8K screens, on the other hand, can handle resolutions up to 7680 x4320 pixels.

The photo will fit nicely on the 8K screen.

Does it matter?«

No. Most people are happy to watch resized versions of their pictures and will gladly scroll around a bit when editing pictures.

But photo- and video enthusiasts will probably spend the extra cash on the extra resolution.

Expect 8K monitors and tvs at sane pricepoints around 2020.

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