Ultrasharp. Ultraexpensive. 31.5 inches for $5.000.

What would it take for you to be able to watch it in 8K?

Oh my. The way it captures flames in the dark is beautiful.

For small values of broadcast, to be honest. But live and in stunning quality.

Just like 4K tvs. Because of some increasingly irrelevant backward compatibility

Japanese broadcaster NHK are slowly touring the world showing off 8K tech.

You may not yet have an 8K screen. But the 8K video cameras are coming along.

Youtube is actually already streaming 8K videos.

With 8K you'll be able to see all of your photo on the screen.

A single HDMI-cable cannot quite handle 8K video. Enter the USB type C cable.

And broadcast in 8K in Japan, available on the Internet. As VR even.

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